Wedding cake cut

Mark & Renee’s Wedding

It’s wedding day!! So not to waste the day we awake at 8am and head out for breakfast to the buffet area this time.

We wander in and cant find the Special K that we have become so fond of, so we scamper back to the premium area where the waiters are waiting for bring us our regular food.

Another quick hike back to the room, Linnie gets stuck into making the bridesmaids bouquets and the hair flowers while Adam took the time to catch up on some work.

Adam wedding prep
Adam getting dressed up for the wedding

Time for a break, we hit the spa and relax in the hot pool, saunas and  the outside pool and watch the world go by. Not realising it was getting close to 1pm, it was time to hurry back to the room to put the finish touches on the bouquets and to get ready to go.

2:30pm rolls by so quickly and Linnie is off with an armfull of bouquets and drops them off to the girls in the spa, they were all looking very glamorous and were delighted with the flowers.

Adam, in the meantime, was dressed and looking quite dapper in his suit and headed up to Marks room to hang out until the wedding starts, how exciting!

We all make our way to the lobby bar at 3pm and mingle until it was time to head to the ceremony area right on the main beach. Linnie finds her seat along with everyone else and we await the bridal party with baited breath.

Mark & Renee getting married

About 15 minutes passes and everyone starts to roast in the sun, the girls were fashionably late as every girl on their wedding day should be, so we all get up and find some shade while we wait.

And here they come! Two by two  until we see Renee looking like a beautiful princess coming down the isle. Sam wasthe in-house celebrant and after some touching vows, a few tears,  Mark and Renee were married.

We stayed by the beach for about an hour while the photos were being taken. As luck would have it there was a beach volleyball game going on right next to the reception, so Linnie took advantage and joined in while the photos were being snapped.

Linnie beach volley ball
Linnie playing some beach volleyball

Next we all jump on the Barcelo train to the convention center where we find a beautiful room draped in white flowy fabric. We watch the bridal party dance in and then Mark and Renee have their first dance.

We find our name cards and make our way to our tables, each one a different country, we ended up on the english table with our Aussie and English friends. Then come the food, thick and fast and before we knew it, it was cake cutting time.

After this everyone hit the dance floor and got our groove on until it was time to head back to the resort.

Mike speech
Mike making his amazing best man speech

Not quite done yet, we organise to head down to the beach for a night swim before we head over to the club which didn’t open for another two hours. So while all the other guests were getting changed out of their wedding attire, Adam, Linnie, Mike, Sam and a few others snuck away for a warm bath like dip in the ocean.

We were having so much fun we didnt get out until nearly midnight. So we quickly change and head back out to find the newlyweds partying away in the club.

We have a quick stop int he sports bar for some chips and mayo and then head into the club to dance the night away.

More Wedding Day Photos

Linnie wedding flowers
Linnie preparing the wedding flowers
Cutting wedding cake
Mark & Renee cutting the wedding cake
Mark waiting
Mark waiting for Renee
Wedding train
Train to the wedding reception

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