Africa silhouettes


One continent we have always wanted to explore is Africa, and we received the perfect opportunity to do so in the year 2010.

Australia had just qualified for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, which was to be hosted by South Africa. One of our friends randomly mentioned that he was going over with The Fanatics as part of a group sports tour, which planted the seed for us.

After a bit of research, we put down a deposit on the trip and made it a reality. This was in December 2009, so we did not have long to start saving and to plan our trip, plus we had a trip to Thailand booked for May, just 2 weeks before we were set to fly to South Africa!

It turned into an inspired decision, as it was one of the best three weeks of our lives, and whet our appetite to travel around the globe some more, eventually leading us to South America for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

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Future Trips to Africa

Africa is one continent that is very high on our travel bucket list. One of our main goals is to do a proper African safari where we camp overnight with a tour group and see all the main animals.

We will make that dream a reality soon, but it will be down the track. Another goal is to visit one of Linda’s aunties who lives in Uganda and does a lot of charity work, helping all the locals.

We’d have loved to have visited her last trip, but unfortunately did not get the chance.

Another goal is the see the Pyramids in Egypt, which we could easily include on a big trip, including an African safari.

Africa – Countries Visited

Africa countries visited map