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Day Five – Onward to Paracas!

Today we checked out of Lima and onto not so greener pastures.. After leaving the hotel we jumped in a taxi and got dropped off about 4 blocks up at Hertz.

A long process later and we were pulling out of the driveway still trying to find our next hotel on the GPS, no address found, no hotel found.

Hmm, luckily we stopped out the front of a building that had wifi and we found a hotel next to ours that come up on the GPS, phew!

After reading a lot of bad reports on driving in Peru we found it quite easy, the other drivers are very helpful.

The roads are fine, it was a bit of a worry when we read that the cops love pulling over foreigners and taking bribes of up to $200 off you, and that trucks will overtake other trucks on a bend with no concern for any oncoming traffic!

But once you know the hierarchy on the road with buses being #1, taxis #2 and then the rest of us fight it out of for whatever space we can get, it all works out.

3 1/2 hours later we arrived at our hotel in Paracas, the scenery along the way was desert, sand, the ocean and a lot of quaint little houses, some a little worse for wear and others more like oversized kennels minus the pitched roof as it never rains here.

San Agustín Paracas
Our hotel at San Agustín Paracas

The hotel was amazing, our porter took our bags up 3 flights of stairs, walked us into our rooms and swung the balcony doors open which overlooked the huge pool and the ocean, it was a spectacular view.

The sun was going down so we thought we would go for a walk along the beach and watch the sunset, we found an old life saving chair so we climbed on up and got a magical view of the sun disappearing behind the ocean.

On the walk home we got invited into a little restaurant for happy hour in which we ended up giving the 2 young waiters a little lesson in Australia and showing them photos on the phone from a few AFL games, some kangaroos and Sydney.

But the photo they loved the most was of our cat Lily climbing on top of the fridge, it really got them going!

Back to the hotel now for a quick bite and it’s off to bed after a long day of driving and exploring, we’ll be up very early in the morning for a bird tour on board a boat!

Photos from Paracas

Where We Stayed in Paracas

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