Back on the busses.. Hello Florianopolis!

The alarm goes off and for the first time it felt very early and we didn’t want to move, but breakfast had to be eaten and we had to be on the busses to Florianopolis by 8:30am so we couldn’t sleep in too much.

We packed all our stuff up again, we are becoming pros, and boarded the busses which were quite nice.

They were half double deckers and quite luxiourious for a bus. Adam nabbed the very front seat on the top level so we had a great view and plenty of leg room.

The bus ride was said to go for 7 hours… Said to go… We ended up leaving at about 9:20am after a lot of stuffing around waiting for one guy who turned out to be on the bus the whole time!

Bus to Florianopolis
Pretty nifty seats at the front of a double decker bus

We drove for about 2 hours and then we had to pass through a weight station which I’m assuming we failed as we had to pull into a parking spot for a good 20 minutes.

Driving for about another hour and we stopped at a buffet lunch spot which wasn’t too bad, you had to pay by how much your plate weighed which I thought was pretty funny.

I guess it’s good for us as we don’t eat a whole lot compared to some of the boys here.

We sat down with our favourite American/Aussie couple again and had a good old chat about USA and awesome stuff we got up to back in 2012, we got some great advice on places to check out next time we are over there to which was handy.

Lunch stop in Brazil
Lunch in the middle of no where

After getting a few snacks we boarded the bus again, about 2 hours later the driver pulls over…

Fan belt snapped or some shit, I didn’t really care as I was over being in the bus and just wanted to get there.

So another HOUR later we took off and what was meant to be a 7 hour trip blew out to a 9 hour trip! Stitched up!

The hotel looked amazing from the outside and the inside didn’t disappoint either, the room didn’t quite best our Argentinean room but it comes real close, it has a lounge, separate bedroom and a big bathroom all tastefully decorated with chic beachy furniture.

We had a wander around after a delicious dinner, the place is huge! There are four different sections of hotel rooms and a massive pool area with a bar, shops and outdoor dining.

IL Campanario Hotel room
Our awesome room at the IL Campanario Hotel

It didn’t tale us long to find an indoor heated pool and we couldn’t resist, we were in our bathers and jumping in the pool within 5 minutes of finding it, it was heaven!

A couple of hours we hopped out and after a hot chocolate and a coffee we retired to bed to watch the last ever episode of Man Men.

Tomorrow we explore the city and then head to a massive party with all the locals, they even have Fatboy Slim playing again, should be huge.

Florianopolis pool
Stunning resort here in Florianoopolis

Where We Stayed in Florianopolis

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