Disney Land

The happiest place on earth

We were awoken this morning to the sounds of a heavy duty vacuum whizzing out the front of our room at 8:15, so with our hopes of a sleep in now dashed we get up, have a quick breakfast of cereal and get geared up for a big day at the happiest place on earth, Disneyland.

Striding up Disneyland drive we are at the entrance in about 10 minutes flat, we purchase our tickets, head inside and are greeted with a street full of colour and character leading up to the famous Walt Disney & Mickey statue that set the enchanting mood for the entire day.

Ride after ride and snack after snack we were having a ball, the rides were fast and the lines long but the fast passes paid off many times getting us to the front of the queue in no time at all.

Disney Land SnackIt was all going well until our second go at the Splash Mountain, we were cruising away through the dark caverns with little critters dancing and singing songs and were only meters away from the big splash drop when the log carts stopped and started backing up.

Then an announcement came over the speaker that the ride is having technical difficulties… Really??

The songs stopped, the lights flooded on and in came the attendant, the ride was shut down, and we had to be escorted from our log boats and through an emergency exit. So close!

After a very long day, we leave Disneyland two very satisfied people, we head back to the ESPN Zone at Downtown Disney to watch the NBA and tuck into a delicious salad with a side of perfectly seasoned chippies.

Walking home we couldn’t resist a nightcap and pop into Coco’s Bakery and grab a well-deserved slice of pie before tucking ourselves in for the night, tomorrow we make our return to the roads of USA and start on our 17,000km trip!

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