Mini Golf Night

Another day in paradise

It was a long, long night. Not only did we wake up about 7am to the mattress being deflated (yet again), we had to put up with rednecks around us arguing heaps. plus the sounds of amusement park rides and drunk people getting back in throughout the night.

Plus the sounds of amusement park rides and drunk people getting back in throughout the night.

Needless to say, we woke up pretty tired, so we decided to have a relaxing day on the beach. It was about 90-95 Fahrenheit, which was mid-30s so perfect beach weather.

Panama City Beach lunch spot
This is where we stopped for a bit of lunch

We headed in about 10am and pretty much spent all day there till about 4pm. It was the perfect spot with music playing nearby and bath warm water in the beach yet again with big waves.

Although by the time we headed back we were pretty much red raw with a bad case of sunburn. Again we stopped by the campground swimming pool for a quick dip which was nice.

Looking for some more entertainment we decided to head back into town and find this a Maze, which we decide to have a crack at. After getting stuck in there for a while, we take the cheaters way out and head out the emergency exit. Embarrassing!

Then we head to Walmart to buy a new mattress and send our old crappy one packing. We were hoping like hell this new one would last the night without deflating.

Night Mini Golf at Panama City Beach
Time for some night mini golf!

Now it was time for food. Again, not wanting to settle for burgers and fried food, we went straight back to the Thai place for another feast and it was even better than the night before!

It was now time for Mini Golf Pt 2, with Linnie looking for redemption. Unfortunately, that redemption never came as she was humbled yet again.

It was now back to the campsite and again we had to listen to the rednecks next to us argue and whinge about rubbish, while listening to a kid cry.

With noises everywhere and the temperatures boiling hot, we knew it was going to be another long, looooooooong night ahead…

More Photos from Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach Maze
The maze that we got stuck in
View from our lunch spot
A view from the place that we had lunch in

Where We Stayed at Panama City Beach

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