4 nights at Corindi Beach

Next stop is Corindi Beach, a small little seaside town of 1,600 just outside of Coffs Harbour. I’m not sure why we chose this place, we just looked at a random spot on the map and chose a spot on the coast.

It was also a good spot to wind down at after a whirlwind few weeks in Brisbane and Gold Coast.

The plan was to stay here for 4 nights, then head down to Armidale and Tamworth, then after that we had no idea, but we were well and truly on the way back home now.

Sunday, Sep 24th – (Day 171)

Today’s adventure is a relatively easy one with 2h30m drive to Corindi Beach. In fact, it’s the longest trip we’ve done since the drive to Toowoomba last month.

Free coffees at Olivers

We left just after 10am and continued listening to the new audiobook we started called Lonely Harts Club. It’s pretty average, but it’s not too bad to kill some time. We also started Season 3 of From The Oasthouse with Alan Partridge.

Along the way we stopped at an Oliver’s for some lunch, but mainly because when you make bookings with Reflections caravan parks, you get free coffees at Oliver’s. So we stopped in to redeem our drink, had some lunch then hit the road.

Our setup for the next 4 nights

This Oliver’s actually felt familiar. It turns out we had stopped here a few years back on our last road trip without realising. What are the odds!

We arrived at the caravan park about 1:30pm and checked in. This is a nice peaceful park a little out of town and right next to the beach, so it was going to be a relaxing few days for sure.

For the next hour or two we had a rest at the park, then went to check out some festivities that were recommended to us by the caravan park lady. It turns out the suggestion was horrible, it looked like some weird ritual thing going on so we backed out and decided to drive to Woolworths instead.

Lovely sunset in Woolgoolga

The closest Woolworths as in a place called Woolgoolga about 20 minutes away. It looked a lovely little place so we went for a drive to the ocean lookout to enjoy the sunset then headed back home.

We didn’t get up to much for the rest of the night, other than continuing the Traitors UK.

Monday, Sep 25th – (Day 172)

A rare caravan park where there is no noise in the morning. You’d think we would get a sleep in, but for some reason we were wide awake at 7am. So we ended up going for a walk near the beach.

A beach day at Corindi Beach

This morning was a chill out and catchup on work morning. We are really liking this park, it would only be about 30% capacity and its nice and green, it feels clean and the amenities are good. Plus it is super close to a nice beach!

Speaking of the beach, we ended up having a beach day after lunch and enjoyed some sun. Having a swim was fun. It was pretty wild so there were some good waves to catch.

The beach kept us busy for a while, then we came back and chilled out again at the park. Tonight we continued the Catan tournament (finally!) after a fortnight lay off.

Our workstation for the day

Adam, Varun and Jack secured their place in the final, however somehow Jamie and Linda finished level on 31 points, so they were set for a playoff to be held tomorrow.

After that, we continued watching Traitors UK. Surprisingly we are starting to like it more than the Australia one now, which we never thought would happen after the first few episodes.

Tuesday, Sep 26th – (Day 173)

This morning we kicked off by doing some washing. We were doing all the bed linen and towels which were long overdue.

Adam enjoying the beach

Then the remainder of the morning was spent doing Bnb Duck work stuff. We are getting really motivated and productive lately, so it is making the days go fast and we feel like we’re accomplishing something.

After that we returned to the beach again for another swim and sunbake. It’s a really nice beach, it is a shame we don’t have longer here as it’s such a nice little place.

When we got back to the caravan, we had a quick shower and clean up then decided to head back in to Woolgoolga for another wonder around.

A stroll through Woolgoolga

We checked out the caravan park in town, just in case we wanted to stay here again in the future. I suspect we might, it’s so lovely here.

Then we went to the Seaview Tavern pub around the corner for a beer and to play some boardgames. This pub was substantial, it was a huge sports bar with heaps of different areas for different occasions. Another place to check out again in the future.

After tea the Catan tournament continued with Jamie taking on Linda in a one on one contest. After a tight finish, Linda stole back the longest road at the end, denying Jamie 13-10 and locking her place in the Grand Final to be held next week. Poor old Jamie would be gutted.

Fun and games at Seaview Tavern

Then it was time to watch Traitors UK again. Yet again, another epic finish. One of the traitors, Amanda, was finally exposed and taken out, backstabbed by her teammate Will.

Wednesday, Sep 27th – (Day 174)

Again we woke up around 7am and went for another beach walk. The sun is beautiful around this time of morning. Maybe we’re just used to rising this early now from all the previous parks where we were woken up constantly.

We just hung around this spot for most of the day

Today is our last day in Corindi Beach, but given we love this park, we decided to have a lazy day hanging around the park.

Adam got pretty productive reworking his old Airbnb amenities post which took several hours. It takes a while to write 2,700+ word articles!

Just an example of some of the laughs around here

The rest of the afternoon was spent either at the beach, or lounging around outside the caravan enjoying the warm weather. This was the life! The small beach towns are our happy place.

Our last night was spent watching another episode of Traitors UK. Tomorrow is the 3 hour drive to Armidale where we’ll be for the next 3 nights and for Grand Final day.

Adam off to the beach again
7am in the morning, wonderful view