South America

Not long now!

Not long now! Only 11 more days until we pile ourselves into the car and head off to South America… Hopefully…

The planning of the trip was going along quite smoothly until we run into some issues with the Brazilian consulate in Canberra, talk about rude!

So we had a list about a mile long on what we needed to supply to the consulate to obtain our visas for Brazil.

It was quite an invasive list of demands, copies of our itinerary, flights, match tickets, bank statements, who we’re staying with and we had to send our passports to them as well which is always a bit iffy when sending through the post.

All was going well until we got all our information sent back to us, with no visa attached and only a few weeks to go until we leave, apparently we didn’t supply them with enough information about our world cup match tickets.

Email after email (they don’t have a phone number to call) we got nowhere, so with only 10 days to go we had a mad dash to Melbourne to get an express 10 day turnaround Visa.

fingers crossed we can pick it up next week with only 3 days until we leave.. Cutting that one fine.

Stay tuned to see how this turns out….

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