A recharge in OKC

Having had a very restful nights sleep in out little cabin, we step outside and it is still raining, looking ahead for the Oklahoma City forecast it isn’t letting up for the entire weekend, there goes Frontier Land and water parks, bugger!

We take the rain as a sign, and after driving the 3h30m, we checked into our very spacious hotel room in Oklahoma City and decide to have a restful day in, only heading out to check out the OKC Thunders stadium (Chesapeake Arena) and then grabbing some Jimmy John’s for lunch.

While we wondered around, we came across some Botanical Garden exhibit so decided to check that out. It wasn’t bad for something to do, but when we got out the rain had gotten even heavier.

The rest of the afternoon we hang out in and around the hotel, using the gym, a quick swim in the pool, room service (which was horrid) watched a few movies and then a nightcap in the lobby area watching some TV with a friendly guy from New Jersey.

Oklahoma City – Day 1 Photos

Where We Stayed in Oklahoma City

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