Drive to Cusco

So this is why people fly

Today we drove, and drove, and drove to Cusco.

When Google Maps told us that the journey is supposed to take 8-hours, I really don’t think they accounted for…

  • The insane winding roads going up and down massive hills
  • Giant mutant trucks that go 10kph up these hills
  • Poor visibility to allow you to pass said trucks
  • Speed bumps that aren’t marked and pop up out of the blue
  • Cows, llamas, chickens, goats, horses, dogs and pigs that stand in the middle of the road
  • At night time, the lack of lines, barriers, reflectors and even bitchumen on the road
  • The near death of trucks overtaking trucks on double lines coming around the corner
Starting our drive
One hour in and this is a sign of things to come

So Google Maps, you add all of that to the equation and it blows the time out to 13.5 hours, 3 of those hours being in complete darkness.

Anyway… We arrive at our hotel at around 10pm, this is after trying to find the hotel car park that was about 5 blocks away meaning we had to haul all our bags up and down the street in high altitude.

I might add which makes it feel like you’re breathing in fog, and just a small amount of exertion like hauling bags up 3 flights of stairs, makes you feel like you’ve run a marathon!

After all that we go for dinner and then collapse into bed not looking forward to taking the car back to hertz tomorrow.

Rather than waffle on, we’ll let the images tell the rest of the story from this long, loooooong day.

Photos from our Ica to Cusco Drive

Double trucks
This was a common sight for about 75% of the 13.5hrs
Damn trucks!
Damn trucks! Move!!
Donkey on the side of the road
A donkey knocking about in the middle of no where
Pit stop
Our beast of a car getting ready for a 13.5hr ride
River in Peru
Just a glimpse of the epic scenery on our journey
Night driving
Pretty frightening driving at this time of night


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