The Plan

It was a long lonesome drive home from Port Fairy where Adam thought up the idea of visiting every state in the USA as our next big adventure.

Over the next 12 months he has pondered and planned and researched the best route to take and which cities and towns to visit and has come up with this epic 90 day road trip.

Alaska Cruise exampleBut what about Alaska and Hawaii can I hear you all saying?

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten, after we arrive in Seattle we will board the Solstice cruise ship and sail to Alaska taking in the sights and sounds for 7 days.

Then we jump on a plane and fly to Hawaii and relax in Honolulu for a week before we head home.

Im pretty sure by the time we hit Hawaii we will need a few days of r & r laying on the beach for what will have been an amazing adventure!

May 14th couldn’t come soon enough!!

Our Road Trip Plan

USA roadtrip map

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