One week to go!

It’s the first week of May which means there’s only one week to go until we set off on another adventure.

The excitement is building considerably as the weather here in Ballarat starts to decline we are itching to get back to our second summer for the year.

It will be a struggle to not pack lots of jumpers and pants with the feeling of a looming winter, but we must control ourselves and travel very light as the outlet malls with their insanely low priced Nike shoes and designer clothes will soon fill our cases to bursting points.

Quechua Pop Up Tent

We are armed with our Quechua 2 second pop up tent which will be our home for over 40 nights of our 90 day stay. With ample practice in our living room we have the setup and pack up down to a fine art and are confident that we can even tackle it in the dark.

With no short of 19,000kms to travel the car that we will be spending a LOT of time in on the old open road will be the trusty Ford Focus.

Being amazingly efficient on fuel, we are hoping that we wont have to stop in at too many ‘gas stations’ as you have to swipe your credit card and then punch in your ‘zip code’ before it’ll let you pump, a problem for us as the old 3350 wont cut it over there which will mean we have to go inside and leave our card with the shop assistant, not something we’re too comfortable with!

Ben & Jerry's half baked froyoFirst on the agenda will be Ben and Jerrys Half Baked frozen yogurt, this is one of the most delicious tasting things on earth, PLEASE come to Australia I beg of you!!

Then we’ll be making a bee line to the baseball, so we can chow down on Kettle Corn.. Its seriously delicious, popcorn coated in not only salt, but sugar, sounds a bit iffy but its like a party in your mouth where sweet and savory are invited and they’re getting along fiiiiiiiiine!

Not to mention the hot dogs, apple pies and pizza in New York, Doubletree cookies, the little mini carrots that they sell in the supermarkets, mutant Pink Lady apples and best of all, Spearmint Extra gum that I wont have to travel to specialty stores in Aus to find, they will be sitting there at the local servos waiting to be bought by the box fulls.

With everything organised by the esteemed closet travel agent Adam, all we have to do now is wait one more week and then its goodbye to winter, work, cleaning, cooking and hello to Business Class, Disney Land, NBA, the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, beaches, parks, bikes, hikes and glorious sunshine!

Linda & Lily inside tent

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