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The Journey to Yellowstone and a chipped windscreen

Planning to wake up at 7am we ignored our alarms and before we knew it it was 9…

We quickly had a shower as we knew it would be our last shower for 4 days and before we packed up our tent our friendly neighbours that were staying in a replica tee pee decide to come over and see how we packed it up.

Utterly impressed with our fold up tent, we couldn’t stay long so we said our goodbyes and set the GPS, 5 hours to Yellowstone

But we knew from what people had been telling us that the roads would be packed and that 5 hours would turn into 6.

Yellowstone drive
The drive to Yellowstone begins

Six and a half hours and one grizzly bear siting later, we arrive at Canyon Village and grab some lunch.

It was a solemn lunch of a burrito and chocolate cake as we had lasted 67 days with no harm coming to our little Kia Soul until a stray rock jumped up from an unpaved road and made a nice old crack about the size of a 20 cent coin on the bottom of the windscreen, that’s what insurance is for I guess.

We explore around the village and find a few gift shops, a grocery store and a diner for later and then make our way to our tent site.

Relieved to see that our spot was pretty much next door to a bathroom we choose a spot and set up our tent amongst the very secluded pine tree forest.

It was quite peaceful with the next sites being pretty far away, so much so that you could barely make out what people were saying.

Yellowstone tent
A fairly awesome campsite for our tent

All set up we head our to explore Yellowstone’s version of the Grand Canyon which was pretty amazing. We take two different hiking trails, one that led to the lower falls and one to the upper falls, both were quite pretty but the upper falls took the cake.

A giant waterfall that had an impressive drop down and a great viewing platform where you could pretty much hang over the top of the falls.

The only downside was the steep climb back up to the top, but with the more plumper Americans wheezing and sweating it out we found we had enough inspiration to get us going back to the top.

Back to the Village after a good few hours of hard climbing we can’t wait to get stuck into dinner so we head back to the Diner and order up some “sandwiches” off an extremely laid back waiter which turn out to be burgers.. They really need to specify…

Then we head off to the evening ranger program that was going to be about the power of water and rocks and how Yellowstone was formed, a good little introduction to the park.

We sat and listened to the ranger, who sounded exactly like Jim’s dad off American Pie) and were quite fascinated to learn how the water strewing geysers actually work and how Yellowstone was just a big giant volcano millions of years ago.

Getting rather chilly we rug up for bed and pray that we don’t have to go to the bathroom during the night for fear of being eaten by a bear…

More Photos from Yellowstone

Yewllowstone Grand Canyon sign
The entrenace to The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone
Yewllowstone Grand Canyon
Yellowstone Grand Canyon. A very impressive site
Yellowstone waterfall
A waterfall we came across on our travels
Yellowstone Bison
A bison that we met along our travels
Yellowstone bear
Our first view of a bear in the wild
Yellowstone Chipmunk
A little chipmunk up to mischief

Where we stayed in Yellowstone

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