Photos with Lemurs

Lemurs, more rain and a short drive

Sleeping in until about 10am we emerge out of the tent to find the campgrounds in full swing, time to hit the road again.

It was only a 2:30 hour drive to Charleston, South Carolina and it went pretty quick. In fact, most of our long drives seem to go fast, the unfamiliar territory distracting us, making the hours tick by unnoticed.

We take the turnoff to our campgrounds and there are puddles everywhere, we shall call these mini lake puddles as they were huge. Apparently it hadn’t stopped pouring with rain all night and had left the campgrounds a tad damp.

Wet Campgrounds
Yep, just a little bit too wet to be camping…

With more rain coming we decide to hotel this one, we’ve put up with too many storms to have to weather another one.

So we head into Charleston and set the GPS for jimmy johns for another amazing lunch which was twice as nice as we forgot to have dinner the night before. We meander around the city dropping into a few boutique shops until we get a msg from Elliott inviting us to the aquarium.

Feeling around for the keys to the car they are nowhere.. Hmm.. We get to the car and find that they were left in the car… In the ignition of all places, luckily Charleston is a friendly city and our car, along with all our worldly possessions is still where we left it.

Arriving at the aquarium we meet up with Jack and Elliott and cruise around the 2 storeys of fishy exhibits, strangely enough there were a lot of birds, a skunk and even a Madagascar exhibit with a lemur enclosure that you could duck underneath and put your head right where they were all hanging out.. A bit weird for an aquarium.

We bid farewell to our new friends and set out to find a hotel, which we did near the airport, just our luck there was a festival on in the city and the hotel prices there were insane.

After checking in we drive over to the local cinema and, with no popcorn due to the horrible greasy butter that you have to pour all over it, we watch San Andreas, in some very comfy seats while having a hot dog for dinner as there was no other foodie places nearby.

Before we head to bed we pop into the servo opposite our hotel and find some yogurt and granola for a nightcap, it went down a treat!

More Photos from Charleston

Comfort Inn Charleston
We got ourselves a room at the Comfort Inn & Suites, Charleston
Downtown Charleston
Charleston had lovely little streets

Where We Stayed in Charleston

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