Energy Solutions Arena, Utah

Chilling out in Salt Lake City

We’d planned a sleep in for this morning, but some absolute cretin of a maid woke us up at 8:30am to clean our room. Why the heck are cleaners opening doors at 8:30am?!?

So we decided to get up and go grab some breakfast. Today we planned to take it easy by the pool and just relax, before heading to the soccer match at 9pm.

However after breakfast we decided to go for a walk to the Energy Solution Arena where the Utah Jazz plays, but turns out it was shut as there was a Rodeo on Saturday night.

This was great timing, so we decided to grab some tickets. At $14 each, they were a bargain!

Salt Lake City mall
Enjoying some shopping in the city mall

We continued our walk to the big shopping mall behind the stadium and checked out a few sports shops, while Linnie also looked for some new earrings at some of the jeweller shops.

There was also a movie cinema that we checked out, but decided the swimming pool was calling us instead.

Before leaving we grabbed some fried rice and then started our walk back to the hotel. However, we stumbled upon those city bikes so decided to go for a little ride.

On our travels, we come across Temple Square which is a massive temple where the Mormon religion started.

Mormon temple
Home of the Mormons

This religion was basically started by some dude named Joseph Smith who ran into a holy ghost on a fishing trip and was passed messages from God so he could go spread the word.

Why God decides to find random prophets behind closed doors rather than coming down and holding a press conference and telling the world himself escapes us, but it was still interesting to tour the temple and read about the madness that these grown adults actually believe as truth.

After having a bit of a chuckle at the temple, we decide to ride back to the hotel where we spend the next 4 hours or so by the pool swimming and reading in the sun. It was a perfect day.

For tea we had an epic club sandwich and turkey sandwich along with icecream, then headed to Rio Tinto Stadium for the Real Salt Lake vs Sporting Kansas soccer match.

Real Salt Lake FC
Enjoying the Real Salt Lake vs Kansas City FC

We wack a few bets on (Salt Lake h2h and the over 2.5) so we’d have a vested interest, then take our seats. They were amazing seats on the fence, right between the goals and the corner flag.

Linnie was squashed next to a big fella which made her viewing pleasure not as ideal as it could have been, but the game itself was good fun.

A penalty midway in the second half right in front of us saw the home side win 2-1 and both our bets getting up. Another nice day at the office.

On the way out we hit up the merchandise shop to buy a new singlet and before heading out, we notice all the spectators on the field waiting for something, so we decide to hang around.

Good idea, as they put on a brilliant fireworks display which smashed the July 4th fireworks out of the ballpark. We left the stadium pretty happy and then headed back to the hotel, arriving back around midnight. Bed time!

More Photos from Salt Lake City

Linne Clydesdales
Linnie meeting some new friends ahead of tomorrow’s Rodeo
Adam swimming Utah
Adam enjoying a dip in the inside/outside pool
Hotel pool Utah
Enjoying some more swimming at the other pool at our hotel


Mormon temple
Home of the Mormons
Linnie bike riding
Enjoying a bike ride around Salt Lake City. Not the clearest photo though!
Real Salt Lake
Very decent seats for the Real Salt Lake MLS match
Utah Fireworks
The amazing fireworks display after the match

Where We Stayed in Salt Lake City

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