Hawaii lagoon

A long day of relaxation by the water

Today was another day of relaxation, almost identical to yesterday. We woke up and wandered around looking for a breakfast location yet again, something that was harder than it sounds.

We finally settled on a location underneath the sports bar we ate at the previous night. We ordered some eggs and toast and unlimited coffee, and it only cost us about $10, so an excellent bargain to start the day!

Heading back to the hotel, we get changed into our bathers and head back to a similar swimming location that we were at yesterday. There was even a trendy restaurant nearby where we grabbed some club sandwiches.

Hawaii Sunset in Honolulu
The sun sets near the pier in Honolulu

Then it was back to the hotel resort where we would lay by the pool in the sun for hours and have a swim. A perfect way to spend the day we thought.

By now it was getting late in the afternoon, so we thought we’d go check out the Premium Outlets to do some shopping.

On our way we walked past an Outback Steakhouse, this would be a good place for tea on the way back.

Unfortunately, as it was a Sunday, the outlets were closing at 7 pm instead of the usual 9 pm that they do on the other six days of the week, so we head back for some steak.

Now there were people everywhere at the steakhouse with a nearly 30-minute wait. Bugger that!

So we head back up the main street. One bonus though was coming across an epic sunset near the docks, every cloud really does have a silver lining.

Given there was a severe lack of decent restaurants near our area, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings, the sports bar from last night.

We both ordered some pulled pork buns and were served by a pretty cool dude of a waiter who was a doppelganger of “Oz” from the original American Pie movie.

Like the rock stars we are, we head back to the hotel to watch some telly and chill out even more from a looooong day of relaxation.

Hawaii Sunset
Another stunning sunset in Hawaii near the pier

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