This time next week we will be somewhere over the South Pacific Ocean on our way through to Lima, with a stopover at Santiago in Chile.

It is getting pretty exciting with less than 7 days to go now!

The final itinerary will be released on Friday by Fanatics for the Brazil trip so once that has been announced we will know the hotels we are staying at and what activities we will be doing.

But most of the itineraries for the other countries we are visiting are now in place.

Below are the cities we will be visiting and how many nights we are spending at each, we will also be doing a little roadie to soak in a bit of the countryside while we’re in Peru.must remember to pack the

We must remember to pack the post-it notes to stick on the dash so I remember what side of the road to drive on!

Peru Road Trip


  • Lima (3)
  • Paracas (1)
  • Ica (1)
  • Nazca (1)
  • Cusco (3)
  • Inca Trail (3)


  • Buenos Aires (3)


  • Rio de Janeiro (4)
  • Cuiaba (3)
  • Porto Alegre (4)
  • Florianopolis (3)
  • Curitiba (2)


  • Santiago (3)

Hotel Itineraries

Hotel Itineraries

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